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Ramani GPSC Main Day-1 TO 7

Detailed Strategy for Mains Preparation:
1. First of all understand the Exam pattern and Marks Distribution then plan your strategy in accordance with your strength and weakness.
CSM 1: Gujarati    150 Marks
CSM 4: General Studies 1  150 Marks
CSM 2: English      150 Marks
CMS 5: General Studies 2  150 Marks
CSM 3: Essay         150 Marks
CSM 6: General Studies 3  150 Marks
                                 450 Marks
                                              450 Marks
In absence of proper guidance, Most of aspirants start preparation by reading General Studies subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economy from Prelims sources and starts Mugging up Prelims monthly magazines like WIB, Liberty or Yuva etc etc. Not only aspirants, MOST OF COACHING institutes does the same Historic blunder, End up with wasting 60/70 days in these 4-5 GS subjects, giving very few days to Ethics, Pub. Ad., Science & Tech and currents issues and not properly guided preparation for for English, Gujarati and Essay.

2. Last GPSC Toppers Marks Analysis reveals that ‘Very Minor Marks difference’ in all 3 GS papers between toppers, Selected but not toppers and Not Selected but Got interview call candidates (Most of candidates having good preparation got 65-70 marks in GS 1 and 75-80 marks in GS 2 and GS 3).

But Very surprising and Shocking trends in English, Gujarati and Particularly in Essay marks, In Essay One topper got 66 Marks and the other topper got 98 marks - Huge difference of 32 Marks.

Same trends in Gujarati and English, A Few of my friends and students who missed the Final selection just because of Essay or One language subject. So, these 3 Subjects can MAKE or BREAK your dream.

3. Give Equal time and energy to English, Gujarati and Essay, Actually these 3 subjects can fetch more marks with least preparation.

Average Marks in all Subjects (Rough Average):
CSM 1: Gujarati    70-75 Marks
CSM 4: General Studies 1    65-70 Marks
CSM 2: English      75-80 Marks 
CMS 5: General Studies 2    70-75 Marks
CSM 3: Essay         75-80 Marks
CSM 6: General Studies 3    70-75 Marks
                              220-235 Marks
                                               205-220 Marks

Ramani GPSC Main 

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