NPS S2 Form (Pdf And Excel File)

NPS S2 Form (Pdf And Excel File)
A subscriber can request for change / correction in personal details, nomination details, bank details, reissue of I-Pin/T-Pin/PRAN Card to the POP-SP. A subscriber can also update his / her photograph and signature by submitting written request to the POP-SP.
Subscriber needs to submit the following forms for change request -
Form S2/CS-S2 - for change in personal or nomination details or request for re-issue of T-PIN/I-PIN or Reprint of PRAN card.
EDITABLE PDF Download.  EXCEL  Download.
CPF Form Bharelo Namuno Click Here.
CPF Form Download Below
Version-1.3 Download.
Version-1.4 Download.
Version-1.5 Download.

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