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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Gujarat Ni Bhugol By Ramani Institute

Gujarat Ni Bhugol
                The vast array of handcrafted products displaying intricate Gujarati art  forms are not only popular in our country, but are a well-known entity all across the globe. These products include furniture, jewelry, embroidered garments, leatherwork, metalwork, baked clay articles and mirror work. Gujarat serves as the producer of some of the most creative and elegant furnishings that include bedcovers, quilts, cushion covers and table mats. Preserving the glorious legacy of its past, the garment industry of Gujarat provides a broad range of items to the buyers, namely salwar, kurtas, cholis, ghaghras, odhnis, skirts, and jackets. Intricate dainty patterns are woven on the patola sarees with high precision. The traditional art forms of the state play a significant role in preserving its rich heritage. Some other aspects of art include music, dance, and literature.

Gujarat Ni Bhugol
By Ramani Institute

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