Lost Aadhaar card, can only print from the phone

Lost Aadhaar card, can only print from the phone like this, will arrive home in 15 days.

Currently updated by UIDAI the MAPAR Episode is loaded. In this episode, plastic features support all user reports found in Mbai, which also works. It is no longer necessary to keep a hard copy of the support card at the user rate. These apps have support card holder's register name, birthdate, gender, address and photo related data.
The user can use any of the support profile like lock / unlock, biometric lock / unlock, VID generator, eKYC etc. using the features provided in this app. In addition, the app also allows users to reprint their support. If your Aadhar card is lost, you can easily reprint it through the mAadhaar app.
Keep this in mind before starting the process 
-The base should be the latest version of the app 
- Internet connectivity should be good 
-The supported linked mobile should be active Must know the 12 digit digit base number or virtual base ID (VID) Reprint the base this way

- If the phone doesn't have a base app, first download the mAadhaar app from the Play Store. Please log in later by mobile number. After that go to the Services option and click on the Order Aadhaar Reprint option. Now tap OK on the Terms & Condition.
- Now you get two options here. registered mobile number and unregistered mobile number. Select one of these two options to replicate the Aadhaar card.
- If your mobile number is registered, click on the first option. Then enter your Aadhaar number or VID. Then you have to enter Captcha as well. And then tap on Request OTP.
- If your mobile number is unregistered, click on the second option. Enter any active number with Aadhaar card here. After that, complete the OTP process.
You have to pay a fee of Rs. 50 for the Aadhar card reprint. And it will arrive at your home within 15 days.
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