New National Education Policy (NEP) 2019 In Gujarati

New National Education Policy (NEP) 2019 In Gujarati
Overview of the Policy
Quality early childhood education available for all children between 3-6 years by 2025.
Every student in Grade 5 and beyond will achieve foundational literacy and numeracy by 2025. New 5+3+3+4 developmentally- appropriate curricular and pedagogical structure for school education. Integrated, flexible school curriculum No hierarchy of subjects; No hard separation of areas; Integration of vocational and academic streams. 100% Gross Enrollment Ratio from pre-school to secondary levels by 2030.
Effective governance through school complexes. Rigorous teacher preparation, robust recruitment, well-defined career path. New vision and architecture for higher education with large, well-resourced, multidisciplinary institutions. Broad-based liberal arts undergraduate education. Flexible curricular structures; Creative combinations of study; Multiple exit points.
Professional education as an integral part of higher education. Empowered governance and autonomy for higher education institutions.
‘Light but tight’ regulation - separation of functions to eliminate conflicts of interest. National Research Foundation to catalyze research and innovation. Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog - custodian of education in India.
Early Childhood Care & Education
The Policy emphasizes the criticality of early childhood education and the persistence of its advantages throughout an individual’s life. Quality early childhood care and education available for all children between 3-6 years by 2025. Expansion and strengthening of facilities with multipronged approach based on local needs, geography and existing infrastructure. Special attention / priority to socio-economically disadvantaged areas and communities. Early childhood education under the purview of the Ministry of Education - ensure linkage with the rest of school education. Right to Education Act extended to all children between 3-6 years.

New National Education Policy
(NEP) 2019
In Gujarati

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New National Education Policy In Gujarati

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