Std-4 Paryavaran Project For Samarth Online Talim

Std-4 Paryavaran Project For Samarth Online Talim
How to do project work?
           Choose a learning outcome in which students are experiencing difficulty, you can decide on the basis of that student's unit test and session test. Create a project based on your chosen learning outcome based on your needs. Keep in mind that the activity should be one in which the children contribute more than the teacher and you only act as a mentor. Plan this activity and implement it in the classroom. You will get up to 6 weeks for your activity. Take photos and videos of this activity and also prepare the text according to the format given here. You will have to report the project in Gujarati. Submit a project report and photos at the end. You can also send us a link to the project work video. Sending a video link is not mandatory. Each project will be evaluated by five other participating teachers and you will be sent feedback.
          The project which is effective in terms of quality and useful for other teachers will also be passed on to other teachers of Gujarat, so that other teachers / students / schools can work for the students by getting inspiration from your project work. After proper verification of this project, it will be made available to other teachers through and through Google Application.
Know the structure for submitting a project.
Project Name: (You can name the project as per your choice.)
Session: (Select the session in which session the given project falls into)
Unit: (Here you will find the unit list, depending on the criteria and subject you select, from which unit your project is based on the learning outcomes.)
How many children have been projected?: (Just enter the number of children (Kumar and Kanya) included in the class to do this project.)
Which teaching project / achievements has this project been designed to achieve in children?: (Report the teaching skills or skills that children will achieve by doing the project here.)
The goal: (Minimum 50 words must be written in Maximum 150. Here your purpose of choosing this activity is to clearly show what you want to teach and how to teach your children.)
Detailed description of the activity: (Minimum 150 words Maximum 300.) Here you have to describe the activities of the project, such as how to do the activity?, With what tools / materials ?, by whom? Things like special care, how the preparation was done, etc. will be included here.
Evaluation and Results: (Minimum 100 words Maximum 200, here is how to evaluate the activity / evaluate the students and show you the results.)
Reflection: (Minimum 100 words Maximum 200. Here you have to clarify how effective the activities you are doing are in teaching and how this activity can be helpful in other teachers / children / schools, so that the effectiveness of the project work to other teachers as well. About.)

Paryavaran Project
For Samarth Online Talim
Project-1 Kheti Kam Na Ojaro

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