Std-7 Bhashadip All Activity Solution

Bhashadip Activity Solution
Bhashadip Activity Solution std 3 to 8, Download @ ncert books: NCERT Books for standard 1 to 8 All Gujarati Medium Download here in pdf.
Bhashadip Booklet: 100 Days Reading Campaign Module (Vachan Abhiyan Module).

Gujarat Education Department Dvara "Vachan Abhiyan" Chalavava ma Aave chhe. Te mate Vanchan Sahitya Book [BHASHADIP MODULE] Dhoran vise Taiyar Karva ma Aavya chhe. Ahi thi pdf Download kari Shakashe.

Vachan Abhiyan Module For Teachers: Teacher Training through BISAG under Reading Campaign Reference:  Honor found on the branch note of 9/1/2.  The approval of the Director is to state that following the above subject and context, the Department of Education, Gujarat has decided to conduct a 'reading campaign' in the primary schools during this year in 'standard reading'.  The campaign is set to begin listening-utterance-based oral language practice through September 7. 
Bhashadip Pravutti Module & Booklet For std 3 to 8: For this, the oral language practice activity set up here (standard 1 to 5) is to reach every teacher as a unit test through SSA.  For successful implementation of Reading Campaign 'Reading Campaign', it has been decided to impart training to all the teachers of State Level 1 - 2 through BISAG.  The scheme is as follows.  Ta.  You will be training teleconferencing through Reading Campaign Training BISAG on 9/1/9.  11.  00 to 12.  During the 30 teachers from grade 6 to 8 and 15.  30.  11 to.
      During 10000 teachers of grade 1 to 5 are seen at school level unaccounted for and required queries Monitoring each CRC, BRC coordinators, BRP, ADE, TPEO, DIET lecturer.  Individually everyone visits two schools during a teleconference.  The training will cover everything from the purpose of the reading campaign, its importance, a direct demonstration of the activities to be done during the campaign.  Therefore, please look at all the teachers of Teleconference Std-3-8 above to take further action at your level.

Std-7 Bhashadip
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Bhashadip All Activity Solution
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