Book Reading Competition For Std-6 To 11 In Gujarat State

Book Reading Competition For Std-6 To 11 In Gujarat State
The winning student is the student who reads the most books. The winning class is the class with the most books read. The winning classroom and the winning student do not have to be from the winning school, but they must be from a participating school.

The winning school is determined by the point system below.

1. 50 POINTS for the school who reads the most books.
2. 1 POINT per each percentage point of students participating.
(i.e., 10 points for 10% of students, up to 100 points for 100% of students participating)
3. 100 POINTS for the highest average number of books read per student Will be calculated by the total of all books read by the school divided by the number of total students who participated.
4. 1 POINT for every PBS related book read.
General information for all participating students:
      Every student is required to read at least one PBS related book. The student must list the name of the book and its author on their student log. If a student reads a chapter book, 100 pages is counted as 1 book. More advanced readers are required to watch an episode of one of our PBS programs, like NOVA or Nature, and read a book related to the episode. The student must indicate the name of the PBS program on their student log, including the name of the book and its author. Incomplete student logs will be disqualified. The student’s log will not be counted if it does not meet all of the requirements.
WINNING: The winning school will be determined by a point system. The winning classroom and student will be selected from among all entries and do not necessarily have to be a student or class from the winning school.
PRIZE INFORMATION: The winning school receives a trophy, and its library will receive a cash prize. The winning classroom will receive a pizza party. The winning student will receive a special prize.

Book Reading Competition
For Std-6 To 11
In Gujarat State
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