Today's All Gujarati Newspaper In One Post

Today All Gujarati Newspaper In One Post
The printing was introduced in Gujarati in 1812. The first printed book published was the Gujarati translation of Dabestan-e Mazaheb prepared and printed by Parsi priest Fardunjee Marzban in 1815. Early newspapers in Gujarati are published from Bombay and they covered commercial and business news chiefly. They were mainly published by Parsi community and served area of Bombay (now Mumbai). On 1 July 1822, the first Gujarati newspaper Bombayna Samachar was started by Fardunjee Marzban as a weekly business journal with 150 subscribers. In 1832, it was renamed Bombay Samachar and converted into biweekly. Later it became daily in 1855. In 1933, its present publisher Cama family brought it. Another Parsi, Naoroji Dorabji Chandaru started Mumbai Vartman in 1830. A year later was renamed Mumbaina Halkaru Ane Vartaman and converted into biweekly which published until 1843. Pestonji Manekji started a weekly Jam-e-Jamshed in 1831 which later converted in daily 1853. Several other newspapers published between 1832 and 1856: Doorbeen, Samachar Darpan, Mombaina Kasud, Chitranjan Darpan and Chabuk. The first women's magazine in Gujarati, Stribodh was established in 1857 by Parsi social activists.
Buddhiprakash, Gujarati periodical, 1850
Vartaman, Gujarati newspaper, 1849
The Gujarat Vernacular Society of Ahmedabad, founded by British Magistrate Alexander Kinloch Forbes, started Vartaman in 1849. The society also published Budhvar weekly and Buddhiprakash magazine. Due to efforts of Forbes, Surat Samachar, a biweekly, was introduced in Surat in 1850 which run for short period. Dinshaw Ardeshir Talyarkhan started Gujarat Darpan in 1863 as a biweekly. It was merged with Gujaratmitra in 1894 and was renamed Gujaratmitra Gujarat Darpan.
Several journal during those times were dedicated to social reform. Parhejhgar of Surat was devoted to prohibition. Lallubhai Raichand launched Shamasher Bahadur in Ahmedabad in 1854. Social reformer Dadabhai Navroji introduced Rast Goftar (The Truth Teller) to clarify Zoroastrian concepts in 1854 which published until 1921. Narmad launched Dandiyo in 1864 which was inspired by The Spectator. It run until 1869 and merged with Sunday Review in 1870. Karsandas Mulji started Satyaprakash in 1855 in Bombay.

Today's All Gujarati Newspaper
In One Post

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