Twining Programme Certificate In Pdf And Word file


     The twinning program concept is yet another innovation of the Pondicherry University’s Directorate of Distance Education. It envisages a tie-up between the Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry University and another College/Institution of repute. In this mode, the University enters MOU with prestigious institutes endowed with human and physical resources and good learning ambience.
     These partner Institutions/Colleges are referred as TWINNING CENTERS of the Pondicherry University, DDE.   The twinning centers organize all the important tasks  on behalf of the University, viz; admission, conduct of classes during week-ends, semester examinations and liasoning with the University in a more structured fashion under the strict supervision and guidance of the Pondicherry University.

     The marked difference between the conventional Distance Education Programs and the Twinning Program is that classes in the former mode are conducted for Eight days in a semester (Personal Contact Program) while classes are conducted more frequently during the evening hours and week-ends throughout the semester in the latter mode at the twinning centers.

Twining Programme Certificate

In Pdf And Word file

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