Eco Club Activity In Gujarati Language

The school identifies ecologically barren areas in the surroundings of the school. The students and the staff actively participate in this intensive plantation campaign. 50% of the school is under intensive plantation area. The activity has turned the area (about 75 hectares) into green bed. At the same time it is helping to create awareness and sense of responsibility amongst the upcoming generation.
We have sewage treatment plant in our campus. Here waste water is treated. The treated water is used for watering our plants and gardening. This asset of our campus adds to our greenery. More significantly it conveys the message to reduce pollution to all the stakeholders of the area.
Saving water and rain water harvesting is also taught as a activity as the school is very well planned to harvest rain water in the campus itself the students learn from the environment around them in the campus. The conservation drive focuses on the judicious and proper utilization of water. All the drainage are ultimately connected & roof top rain water harvesting is also done.
Every year members of Eco-club School along with their teachers participate in the campaign to spread the mass awareness for conservation of water. The conservation drive focuses on the judicious and proper utilization of water. The students actively take part and show a high degree of enthusiasm. They go door to door in their vicinity and give important water saving tips to the residents of adjoining colonies. They spread a strong message among the communities to conserve water.
Regular cleaning is done by school embers of the school premises and adjoining areas. Our campus has been declared litter free and plastic free zone EFFECTIVE RESOURCE WASTE MANAGEMENT This programme works in school with an aim to utilize all available resources effectively and judiciously. The students are educated to avoid bringing oily junk food which is mostly brought in Aluminium foils, plastic/tissue paper. They are continuously trained to use all water and electric points judiciously in order to minimize wastage. Students and other members of the school are encouraged to use means of mass transportation for commuting to school.
We have a vermicompost where the biodegradable waste collected from the campus is converted to useful manure. The manure is used for our garden. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes are collected in separate bins.
As a part of the Swachch India Campaign launched by honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Eco Club organized a clean drive in the nearby areas. This drive aimed to create awareness about the importance of sanitation and hygiene in daily life. Students interacted with the residents of the nearby villages and made them aware about the good sanitary practices such as clean toilets clean surroundings and health & hygiene related tips were also shared. The students enthusiastically demonstrated the ten steps to a health hand washing which will protect them from germs and diseases. The school takes initiative to educate local people about sustainable environment. Regular awareness programmes are organised in the local areas.

Eco Club Activity
In Gujarati Language

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Eco Club Activity
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