Merge School Latest Letter Or Paripatra On 05-02-2020

Merge School Latest Letter Or Paripatra On 05-02-2020
CITING poor functioning, monitoring and non-viability, the state education department, under its ‘school consolidation plan’, decided to merge the government primary schools with poor enrollment record with schools located within one-kilometer radius. The process will be conducted in a phased manner where to initiate with, some 2,500-3,000 government primary schools will be merged with other government schools, likely next month.

According to the education department standards, these schools are ‘non-viable’ where there are very few number of students compared to teachers. Nearly 33,000 government primary schools are running in the state. Out of this, 5,100 schools have less than 100 students and nearly 15-20 upper primary schools have an enrollment of even less than 25 in Classes VI to VIII.
This was revealed in the report accessed by Gujarat Government of a detailed survey concluded on July 31 in each district where the district primary education officers (DPEOs) were directed to personally verify schools.

A similar decision was passed in 2013 where, out of nearly 33,000 primary schools, 13,450 primary schools with 100 and less students and similarly, some 6,826 primary schools with 50 and even less students were identified. However, it could not be implemented due to protests from villagers, civil society, educationists as well as teachers associations citing violation of Right to Education Act that mandates every child to have free and compulsory education from the age of 6-14 years.

Merge School
Latest Letter Or Paripatra
On 05-02-2020

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