Vocabulary of Sanskrit Language (संस्कृत व्यवहारिक शब्दावली)

Practical vocabulary of Sanskrit language: Very important material for TET, CTET, TAT and HTAT other competitive examinations
Friends, today we are going to share with you the practical vocabulary of Sanskrit frequently asked in competitive exams. With the help of this vocabulary, we can easily translate the Sanskrit words asked in the examination into Hindi or any Hindi word into Sanskrit language. Let's start friends today Sanskrit Practical Vocabulary: - With
the help of the link of the PDF file given below, you can download the glossary. This terminology is very important from the point of view of upcoming examinations like TET Seat Teacher Recruitment Examination.

Vocabulary of Sanskrit Language
संस्कृत व्यवहारिक शब्दावली

For Download Click Below.

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