Best English Workbook cum Practice Material for Std-5 To 8 By DIET Panchamahal

Best English Workbook cum Practice Material for Std-5 To 8
NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Classes 1- 8 of all subjects Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Environment Studies, have been prepared keeping in mind the guidelines laid down by the NCERT and in accordance with the NCF Curriculum Framework 2005.
Thus, the content of the series is structured to provide a set of learning activities that become effective assessment tool, that have been collated as components of these books.
The text has also been graded keeping in mind self-assessment opportunities for the learners, thereby enhancing the utility of the workbook. The teaching outcomes of this series are therefore geared towards developing the overall mathematical skills of logical reasoning, abstract thinking, interrelating concepts, among others.
In the larger context, while in the process of being a tool of mathematical applications, it adopts multi-pronged approach of evaluation, as its contents provide the learner with the ability to synthesize the given material before stepping ahead to analyze it. Thereafter, the learner is guided into the realm of conceptual learning after due analysis and synthesis so that his/her learning peaks into the wider domain of mathematical utility, and an enlargement of overall knowledge. The life skill activities appended to each chapter take the learner into a wider dimension of thought, involving reflection and appreciation.
  • Written in lucid style, which is easy to understand.
  • Topic-wise Questions based on NCERT exercises (including NCERT exemplar problems) are given in each chapter to enhance the student’s knowledge and understanding.
  • Integrated Exercises contain questions of all the topics of the chapter to reinforce the problem-solving skills.
  • Be a Genius provides questions for better assessment.
  • Answers to all the exercises have been provided at the end of the book.
  • Select NCERT Exemplar Problems
  • Previous years and HOTS Questions
  • Practice Papers (2 Solved 3 Unsolved)
Best English Workbook
cum Practice Material
for Class 5 To 8
By DIET Panchmahal

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Best English Workbook Or Practice Material

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