Science And Technology Book For All Competitive Exam

Science And Technology Book For All Competitive Exam
Science and technology is a topic that encompasses science, technology, and the interactions between the two. Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of explanations and predictions about nature and the universe. Technology is the collection of techniques, methods or processes used in the production of goods or services or the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation, or any other consumer demands.
Science may drive technological development, by generating demand for new instruments to address a scientific question, or by illustrating technical possibilities previously unconsidered. In turn, technology may drive scientific investigation, by creating a need for technological improvements that can only be produced through research, and by raising questions about the underlying principles that a new technology relies on.
For the majority of human history, technological improvements were achieved by chance, trial and error, or spontaneous inspiration. When the modern scientific enterprise matured in the Enlightenment, it primarily concerned itself with fundamental questions of nature. Research and development directed towards immediate technical application is a relatively recent occurrence, arising with the Industrial Revolution and becoming commonplace in the 20th century.
The book General Science contents Physics, Chemistry, Biology Ecology & Environment and current Science and Technology has taken an important dimension in most of the competitive examinations like BinSachivalay, Chief Officer,, G.K., GPSC, HTAT, JUNIOR CLERK, Mukhy Sevika, Nayab Citanish, Nayab Mamlatdar, Police Constable, PSI, Staff Nurse, TALATI Exams. The present book will act as an Objective Question Bank for General Science asked in various exams. The book has been prepared keeping in mind the importance of the subject. Each chapter in the book contains ample number of objective questions asked in previous years' exams. With a collection of more than 3000 highly useful questions, the content covered in the book tries to simplify the complexities of some of the topics so that non-science students feel no difficulty while studying general science.

Science And Technology Book
For All Competitive Exam

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