Amar Varso Book Gujarati And English Transliteration Bhajan Book

Gujarati And English Transliteration Bhajan Book
Welcome to Bhajan is Bhakta Samaj’s leading identity.  Whether there is an occasion such as birth, death, marriage or even a higher degree achievement,  ancestors gathered and sang bhajans. In the last few decades in this everchanging world, Bhaktas have migrated abroad to countries such as USA, Canada, England, and Panama. Also, getting together in modern times has become increasingly difficult for our new generation especially in this fast-paced environment. In such a challenging environment, there came a need for a tool aiding the new generation in developing interest in our valuable tradition of singing bhajans. Hence, an idea arose to create a AMAR VARSO Book Gujarati And English transliteration Book dedicated to Gujarati traditional bhajans.
Here you can find 159 of the most commonly sung bhajans. (Gujarati with English transliteration). aims to provide a platform for linking all the Bhaktas through the medium of bhajans. We hope that more and more Bhaktas take advantage of this AMAR VARSO Book Gujarati And English transliteration Book and let everyone know about it.

Amar Varso Book
Gujarati & English
Bhajan Book
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Amar Varso Bhajan Book 

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