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Jaher Vahivat Gujarati Pdf Book By Angel Academy

Jaher Vahivat Gujarati Pdf Book
The functioning of the government is made effective with the help of task-oriented Ministries. No Ministry can run smoothly without the support'of a Secretariat at the Unioh as well as state levels. The Secretariat helps the government in policy making and execution of legislative functions.

This Unit discusses the organisation and functions ,of the State secretariat. It explains the pattern of departmentalisation in the Secretariat and brings out the distinction between the secretariat department and executive department. In addition, position and fpnctions of the Chief Secretary in the state administration are also discussed.
The three components of government at the state level are: (i) the minister; (ii) the secretary, and (iii) the executive head. (The last one in most cases is called the director, although other nomenclatires are also used to refer to the executive head).

The minister and the secretary together constitute the Secretariat, whereas the office of the executive head is designated as the Directorate. Literally, the term 'Secretariat' means the secretary's office. It originated at a time when what we had in India was really a government run by the secretari'es.

Jaher Vahivat Gujarati Book By Angel Academy

Jaher Vahivat Book

Jaher Vahivat Gujarati Pdf Book By Angel Academy

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