Navajivan Health Gujarati Magazine Book

Navajivan Health Gujarati Magazine Book
The word "spondylosis" comes from the Greek word "vertebra". Spondylosis is the "arthritis" of the vertebral joints. Many people are worried that they have a disease called spondylosis and therefore they are afraid that they will get paralysis from the vertebrae. This belief needs to be erased from our minds. In our daily life, when we walk, stand, bend and work, the force of the body falls on the joints of our beads. Gradually the wear and tear affects these joints and causes pain. So spondylosis is not a disease, but the effect of wear and tear due to misuse, overuse or overuse of our vertebral joints is seen by all people as they get older. If this wear occurs in the cervical spine it is called cervical spondylosis and if it occurs in the lumbar spine it is called lumbar spondylosis. Here we will find more information about lumbar spondylosis.
Usually after 20 years the pain in the knee starts so everyone has the same fear in their mind that the knee pad is not worn or there is a noise in the knee then again the same thing is confused that the knee seems to have worn out or the space between the two bones Would have been less. But there is no need to panic whenever knee pain starts. First of all, it is important to know what physical changes are taking place in any disease / and what is the main cause of it, and even if it is removed, knee pain can be cured.

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