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New NISHTHA Talim GR In Diwali Vacation

Primary Teachers NISHTHA Online Training New NISHTHA Talim GR In Diwali Vacation

New NISHTHA Talim GR In Diwali Vacation-www.wingofeducation.com

Reference: Organized by MHRTD, Delhi. Video conference on 19/09/20

Regarding the above subject to state that last year NISHTHA training was conducted in the entire state of Gujarat. Including face-to-face mode to 89297 primary school teachers Was trained. Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, this year the training will be conducted through online mode through the devotion course on the initiation platform.

Primary School Teachers (including Government, Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School) Means to connect. This training is going to start from 5th October 2020 in Gujarat.
The district level has made necessary coordination for the proper completion of all the 18 courses of NISHTHA training for the remaining primary teachers (Government, Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School). Necessary planning will have to be done to make arrangements.

Teachers who have not taken loyalty training last year will have to join 18 courses of NISHTAHA through https://diksha.gov.in/explore.

The following is a video explaining how to log in to NISHTAHA on initiation course as well as how to fill out a self declaration form.

To join the training, the teacher has to fill the self declaration form on the NISHTAHA portal by 04-10-2020 and must fill in the teacher code and the school u dice code.

The remaining primary teachers in NISHTAHA training have to attend the online training school through 18 courses. In which he has to personally join all the 18 courses. Whose time sheet is as follows.

During this training, explanation of video materials and other literature given in each module in Gujarati Language will be given through Bisag. In which the trainee teacher has to join. The details of which are as follows.
BISAG broadcast can also be seen in Vande Gujarat Channel-1 and JIO TV mobile app.
New NISHTHA Talim Paripatra23-10-2020(www.wingofeducation.com)-www.wingofeducation.com

During this training the teacher will have to contact his CRC Co-ordinator for engagement in the training as well as for educational questions or difficulties.

Certificate of completion of NISHTHA training after completion of online course module training for each teacher can be downloaded from the profile page by logging in to DIKSHA platform in 8 to 15 days after completion of the training.

NISHTHA Modyul Aheval-Swadhyay Kary Pdf File Gujarati, NISHTHA Modyul Aheval-Swadhyay Kary Word File Gujarati, NISHTHA Modyul Ahewal-Svadhyay Kary Pdf File Gujarati, NISHTHA Modyul Ahewal-Svadhyay Kary Pdf File Gujarati.

Each teacher will have to prepare a course wise report (module wise total 18) on how to apply the lessons learned in the training in the classroom and submit it to the CRCC Co-ordinator during the period of homework.

The CRC Co-ordinator has to prepare the register for the report submitted by the teacher course-wise (module wise total 18) as per the form given below and submit it to the BRC Co-ordinator by November 8, 2020.
Hope This Post Helped you to Join NISHTHA Online Talim. Keep connected with us for upcoming NISHTHA Online Talim.

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