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School Safety Grant Letter And School List

School Safety Grant Paripatra And Primary And Secondary School List

School Safety Grant Letter And School List

Subject: Grant allotment matter under the School Safety Program.

As per the budget provision for School Safety Program (Primary) and School Safety Program (Secondary) under PAB 2020-2021, Rs. 500 Fixed grant is approved. A list of schools is attached herewith.

Under this grant, to cope with the current Corona epidemic situation, to create awareness among the students about Covid-19, as well as for the special needs of equipment for protection of Corona and various school types of equipment under school safety. Disaster management under School Safety can also be spent on disaster relief as part of precautionary measures such as protection against natural disasters at school, fires, disasters, fires from electric currents, fires from chemical blasts in laboratories or other situations or coronary epidemics.

Grant for primary school Grant has been allotted to the DPC office at the district level and for secondary schools, the grant has been allotted to the office of District Education Officer. The district level is requested to give necessary instructions from your level regarding the allocation of the grant to the schools within the stipulated time limit and the expenditure to be made before the end of the current financial year.

School Safety Grant Officially Paripatra And Primary And Secondary School List

School List (Excel File)
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