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SRG (State Resource Group) Exam Paper, Solution And Answer Key Date-28-03-2021

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SRG (State Resource Group) Pedagogy of Std-1 To 8 by GCERT, Gandhinagar

SRG (State Resource Group) Exam Paper And Solution Date-28-03-2021

In the above subject, the process of selection of State-level Resource Group (SRG) Pedagogy will be initiated by GCERT.

* This test will be given by teachers, headteachers, BRCCs as well as CRCs, education inspectors.

* SRG is fundamentally intended to help GCERT, SSA and school textbook board for the purposes of syllabus Std-1 to 8 textbook writing, consultation, review, educational literature creation for training. Teachers, headteachers, BRCCs and CRCs, Education Supervisors etc. have the ability and skill to perform the above work as well as experience. After joining SRG, their knowledge, experience and skills can be availed by the state education sector. SRG selection test is to be conducted in the coming days.

* This test is in phase 1. Do not assume that the member who has been selected in this test is selected. After the test is completed, the second phase will be undertaken. After passing through all stages, the selection criteria will be published as per the prescribed time limit by the State-level SRG Selection Committee.

* Subjects of Std 1 to 8 Gujarati, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Environment, Social Science, Science and Technology, Mathematics, ICT, Physical Education and Arts can be tested. All subjects will be tested at the same time.

* The subject will be covered in the examination syllabus of Std 1 to 8 as well as academic trends.

* This test is government primary schools, district panchayat run primary schools, Nagar primary education committee run primary schools, municipal panchayat primary education.

* Only the teachers of the committee-run primary schools, granted primary schools, teachers of private primary schools and other departments of schools like model schools, social justice and empowerment departments, tribunal departments etc. can provide.

* SRG has no new space SRG is selected for the work of studying, textbook writing, consultation, review, training and educational literature creation. This test is not mandatory only voluntary, so the test errs on the day of the test are not eligible for any fare allowance and leave.

* Candidates who wish to appear for this test should have their name, qualification, school name, taluka, district, management, mobile number, e-mail address and what subject will be tested, as per the instruction in the Google form on the online GCERT website only at 02:00 hrs on 5-12-2020 in the English language.

Provisional Answer Key And Final Answer Key for SRG (State Resource Group) Pedagogy In Std-1 To 8

Answer Key
Provisional key
Final Key

* The date of the test will be given later in view of the situation of Covid-19.

All K.N., CRCCs, CRCCs, through this, headteachers and teachers of all schools incorporated in CRCCs are asked to be informed at your level.

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Exam Paper And Solution for SRG (State Resource Group) Pedagogy In Std-1 To 8

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