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Std-10 SSC 4 Main Subjects Model Paper By Royal Science School, Dhoraji

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GSEB Std-10 Main Subjects 30% Cut Syllabus Model Paper By Royal Science School, Dhoraji Year-2021

Std-10 SSC 4 Main Subjects Model Paper By Royal Science School, Dhoraji

Royal Group of Schools - Dhoraji

With the unwavering conviction of faith

The President of the Institute, Shri Rajeshbhai Pethani, has taken a welcome decision in the interest of all to implement many reforms in the interest of education and students. Under the Royal School, competent and experienced teachers of every subject will be made partners in the Board of Governors and now the teachers will be present full time every day so that the students will get maximum benefit.

Based on his experience in the field of motivation as well as counselling work of his 26 years in the field of education, Pethani Sir sends a message to students, parents and staff. That "achievement is what makes a person work hard and change" and a new idea can change the course of life. So keep working honestly with diligence and dedication. Living.

In the new session of the year 2021, the educational work will start with a very good arrangement in which there will be a separate team for the board curriculum and so on.

(1) Shri Pethani Sir

Based on the experience of teaching 10,000 students as a chemistry teacher for the last 3 years, the students have to be constantly vigilant as it is very simple and has a strict insistence on discipline. The mild style eliminates the fear of a tough subject like chemistry. The gemstone has the impression of a connoisseur jeweller.

Advocates for effective management and constant change. Many of his students have been toppers on the board.

(2) Shri Bhavesh Ladumore Sir

Degree in Chemistry is obtained with Gold Medal. Has done academic work in Akash Institute for seven years. Serves as a permanent teacher in the Royal Family from now on.

(3) Shri Pritesh Padaria Sir

His career as a physics teacher began at the Royal School. Has eight years of academic experience. Studies a very basic subject like physics with a lot of originality. Dhoraji is local. Who now serves as a permanent teacher in the Royal Family.

(4) Shri Bhargava Lakkad Sir

Degree from University in Biology with Gold Medal. They started his career as a subject teacher at the Royal School. Who now serves as a permanent teacher in the Royal Family.

Student Personality Development Seminar will be organized with Mr Pethani and dignitaries from different fields. Let us all come together and be committed to the bright future of the students so that I can be grateful to all of you for repaying my debt for the reputation I have earned.

Dhoran-10 Ganit, English, Samajik Vigyan Ane Vigyan New 70% Syllabus Model Practice Paper For Gujarat Board In Gujarati Medium

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