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Gunotsav-2.0 Action Plan In Word And Pdf File

School Performance Action Plan In Word, Excel And Pdf File

School Performance Action Plan In Word, Excel And Pdf File

Table of Content (toc)

Gunotsav 2.0 (School Accreditation Report Card) to be released. Gunotsav-2.0 and School Development Plan (SDP) training matter.

Today is an important day in the field of education in Gujarat. For the first time under Gunotsav 2.0, an attempt has been made to evaluate 100% of the schools in the state externally.

According to the above subject, according to the result of Gunotsav-2.0, guidance training for quality improvement of schools in the district has to be organized at the taluka level. The schools in the red and black colour grades of the taluka will have to undergo 2 days of training. The cost of training will be borne by the in-service training headquarters.

The guidelines for training are as follows.

1. Training should be organized by the DRU branch at the diet level.

2. The training should be imparted jointly by the taluka liaison lecturer and school inspectors.

3. BRCs and CRCs of talukas and clusters in red and black colour grades should be involved in the training.

4. This training will involve the headmaster and teacher of the school in red and black colour grades. Where only the headteacher of a school with only two teachers has to be involved in the first phase.

5. The schools participating in the training will have to bring the report card of Gunotsav-2.0, the latest school development plan and the plan made by the school regarding their own quality improvement.

6. This training manual and auxiliary materials should be taken into consideration. The training will be attended by the headmaster of the concerned taluka green school as an expert to present a presentation on the basis of the work done in each of the major areas and sub-sectors of his school "School Development Plan" and Gunotsav-2.0 and will guide the schools during the training.

7. After the completion of the training, hand-holding will be jointly organized by Diet Liaison, BRC Co., School Inspectors and CRC Co. to guide these schools from time to time at the taluka level.

8. A detailed report of the entire training should be prepared.

Gunotsat-2.0 School Performance Action Plan File

Action Plan

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