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Career After Electrical Engineering Details In Pdf File

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Career After Electrical Engineering In Gujarat And India

Career After Electrical Engineering Details In Pdf File

The maintenance job is the conventional one which all the electrical engineers have been doing all these years. IT jobs need no explanation. Some people find the maintenance field boring or less challenging to be precise. If you want a job that will take a lot of effort from you and challenge you, then go for Industrial Automation.

Which field of electrical engineering has a better future?

Electrical engineering is one of the most electrifying fields in today’s world. When everyone is worried about the slowdown, an electrical engineer can make an excellent career, if the direction is correct.

An example is working in the field of Electric vehicles. If you work in the right domain then you will enjoy the new developments in the industry. Based on today's market situation of slowdown, I suggest three core engineering areas in which an Electrical engineer should plan to make their career…

Download Career After Civil Engineering Details In Pdf File Click Here.

Electric vehicle (EV): The world is working aggressively towards phasing out combustion engine vehicles and moving towards electric vehicles. If you join the wave now and become a master of EV then the next many years will not only be rewarding but also be exciting. Find out a place where the faculty who teaches you about the EV is also engaged in making an EV.

It is so hot that companies will not give you access to design or insider information for EV. In order to bridge the gap, Azuko has decided to make its own EV and provide access to students as well.

Contact Azuko through details given in credentials. Wire Harnessing and Routing: It is an evergreen field that manages the wires inside each and every machine, maybe it is automobile vehicles (2/4/6 wheelers), electronic products (TV/Fridge/Washing Machine/Medical pieces of equipment, even space shuttle :), and so on.

Wherever there is a need to transmit electricity, we need wires, and when we need wires then we need to design the connections and path (route) for them. Now you can understand the huge application of wire harnessing and routing. Read more about the field and topics you need to learn and practice at Azuko electrical engineering page.

Electrical-MEP: It is another evergreen area in which we work for electricity supply and management in buildings and other civil structures, for example, residential buildings, commercial buildings, educational institutes, malls, hospitals, airports, etc.

Download Career After Mechanical Engineering Details In Pdf File Click Here.

MEP is a solution in which mechanical engineers work on air conditioning, piping and so on, civil engineers work on structural elements and plumbing, Electrical engineers work to design and the layout of electric supply to run all the needed equipment. Fire detection and suppression is one area in which any engineer can work, in fact, electrical engineers do work in this area.

The co-existence of so many types of equipment and solutions in such facilities is done with help of MEP solutions to avoid conflicts and improve the quality of solutions. It is hot in India, UAE, Europe and the USA. There is a huge scarcity of electrical engineers in the field of MEP and therefore even mechanical engineers are working in the domain of electrical engineers.

This field is also exciting to create modern solutions to automate the buildings for higher security and safety. You must explore this very promising area to make your career. Read more about it on the MEP page at Azuko (website details available in credential).

Apart from the above high promise areas, the industry also expects you to be quite efficient in the following basic skills: Core electrical design Drafting (on AutoCAD) You must plan to be very very efficient in the above two basic skills because these are the bare minimum expectations from the industry. Your first round of interview and tools tests will be based on these basic topics.

This blog attempts to give you a brief overview Pdf File of Career After Electrical Engineering.

Download Career After Electrical Engineering Click Here.

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Hello Friends, I am Primary Teacher in PATAN District.

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