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NISHTHA-3.0 Online Talim Module-4 Aheval

NISHTHA-3.0 Course 04: Involvement of Parents and Communities for FLN Aheval

NISHTHA-3.0 Online Talim Module-4 Aheval

Reasons for Low Response of Parents and Community

While it is well admitted that partnerships between parents, families, community and schools are crucial and community mobilisation is one of the major strategies for achieving universalisation of primary and elementary education, we as a country have not been able to make a major breakthrough.

Though we have several examples where communities, local bodies and parents have significantly transformed the conditions of the schools, these are very few considering the number of schools and communities in the country. There have been several efforts to explore the reasons for the low response from the community and its members. The major reasons that can be identified for this state of affairs are:

» Overlapping working hours

» Other commitments

» Lack of time

» Misconceptions on the part of schools about the capabilities of parents

» Lack of understanding from parents on the communications sent by schools

» Lack of confidence on the part of parents to demonstrate an activity

» Literacy and lack of exposure

» Lack of able leadership at the community level

» Lack of resources with the schools to involve more people

» Fear of interference (by school) by community

» Lack of communication skills and methods on both the sides

» Reluctance and indifference of schools and community to collaborate towards each other

The factors cited here are what we observe very often. There can be additional factors for schools remotely located or have other disadvantages. In such cases, involvement depends on the initiative of the local community and elders.


Are Parents and Communities Shy to Participate in School Life?

You might have observed how parents and other persons from the community visit schools and participate in school activities. What is your observation on the quality and amount of their participation? Do you feel that they are shy to express and participate or do you have a different opinion? Share your observations with others.

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