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Mission School of Excellence (SOE) Project Full Details

New Primary Education School Project | School of Excellence (SOE) Project Full Details

Mission School of Excellence (SOE) Project Full Details

Education is an ongoing process. It has become necessary to adapt to new trends in order to survive in changing conditions and to keep pace with growth. The 21st century is the century of knowledge. Knowledge seems to have exploded. While the new education policy 2020 is being implemented, it has to work accordingly.

The work we are doing to keep pace with the new trends in education has become more understandable and it has become necessary to constantly innovate by adopting innovative activities and methods that children create knowledge.

Not only this, with the increase in the quality of education, in the days to come, it has become necessary to undertake collective efforts to make our state of education reach the pinnacle of quality as well as to enable the next generation.

Congratulations to all the school principals and principals selected in the School of Excellence as part of such efforts. You are doing a great job of surveying, but now you have to do the best work. Your contribution will be new hope for the next generation.

When we start a new task, hard work with positive thoughts becomes necessary. Change is the law of the world. That is why the journey of a man from a bullock cart to a plane is becoming very interesting, and we are all enjoying it.

Even in education, we have been able to reach from Vedas to Neutrons, from Ashrams to Virtual Classrooms. We will be successful unless we make up our minds to speed up the teaching process. - For that, we have to look at the excellent Swapro and be horrified to make it come true.

In the beginning, we worked for the education of a maximum number of children. In the last two decades all have worked for continuous learning, now is the time for all the best students. There is an urgent need for students to be able to create knowledge, learn new things with understanding and develop creativity.

Change has begun in the education system. At the same time, when the responsibility of shaping the future of India in the classroom is at the forefront of the survey, teachers, principals and teachers working in the field of education have tried to formulate guidelines that will be useful in teaching and learning as well as in shaping the lives of scholars.

I would like to acknowledge three of the school inspectors, colleagues and well-known anonymous survey friends who have extensive experience in the field of education who have contributed to the formulation of this guide. Finally, let's get together. Let's sit back and analyze for a couple of hours, where we can get the best out of it - we hope you find this guide useful.

New SOE Project Details | School of Excellence (SOE) Project Full Details In Gujarati

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