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Nipun Bharat Baseline Survey Materials 2022

Baseline Survey 2022 Mulyankan Excel File Mark Entry

Baseline Survey 2022 Mulyankan Excel File Mark Entry

Table of Content (toc)

Why the baseline?

  • With regard to Education Policies 2020, Nipun Bharat Mission has been launched in the entire nation as well as in the state to ensure that by the year 2026, all the children of Std.
  • The mission aims to achieve learning outcomes tailored to children according to their age.
  • There is a need to know the study achievement of children from 5 to 8 years of age in terms of preparation for achieving this goal by the children of the state as well.
  • Pursuant to this, a baseline survey will be conducted to find out the learning achievement in basic literacy and numeracy of children aged 5 years to 8 years i.e. from Kindergarten to Standard 3.

GCERT દ્વારા તૈયાર નિપુણ ભારત બેઝલાઈન સર્વેમાટેની ફાઈલો

Baseline Survey Files









A baseline for whom?

  • Children studying in classes 1 to 4 of all primary government, grant-in-aid and private schools and all medium schools of the state will be included in the baseline survey.
  • This year, the student who completes class 1 and gets admission in class 2 is to be evaluated based on the study performance of class 1.
  • In the same way, the student who gets admission in Std. 1 has to evaluate the Vindharthi based on the final study findings.
  • Thus, work will have to be done for Std. 3 and 4 respectively.
FLN પત્રકો (Excel File) ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

How is the baseline?

  • Children will be assessed to test essential reading and numeracy.
  • The language device will include language skills in oral and written form while counting or numeracy reference number identification, calculation and mathematical operations will be included.
  • The baseline device includes questions that can be evaluated individually and collectively.
  • Each child has to be called and evaluated separately for individual questions.
  • The context of the group questions is to evaluate all the children together.

નિપુણ ભારત બેઝલાઈન સર્વેમાટેની રેડીમેડ ફાઈલો

Ready-Made Survey Files

રેડીમેડ ફાઈલ-૧


રેડીમેડ ફાઈલ-૨


Baseline implementation - at the district level

  • Diet lecturer in his liaison taluk. On July 11-12, 2022, taluka level BRCCo, as well as CRC Co will be apprised of this baseline survey and its process.
  • Ta. On July 13, 2022, the provision of devices to schools from the district level will be provided through the All Media Devices Diet.
  • Typically only one set of devices per school will be required.
  • This device has to be printed from the school level.
બેઝલાઈન સર્વેના ગુણ Online Entry કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Baseline implementation - at the school level

  • The teachers of the class having 5 children will have to complete the survey in one day and do the data entry the next day.
  • The teachers of the class having 10 children have to complete this survey in two days and do its data entry on the third day.
  • The class teachers of the class having 15 children have to complete this survey in three days and do its data entry on the fourth day.
  • This survey starts Dated July 14, 2022. Must be completed by July 22, 2022.
  • The procedure for data entry will be instructed by the Vidha Review Center.
  • Completing the survey within the stipulated time frame taking into account the local situation.

નિપુણ ભારત બેઝલાઈન સર્વેમાટેની Pdf Files

Baseline Survey Mulyaankan Patrak

Pdf File-1


Pdf File-2


Baseline implementation - the importance

  • To know the actual learning achievement of the child in relation to early reading and numeracy.
  • Know the status of study outcomes by the standard as well as age.
  • To plan remedial work based on the detection of errors committed by children.

નિપુણ ભારત બેઝલાઈન સર્વેમાટેની Excel Files

Baseline Survey Mulyanaan Patrak

Excel File-1


Excel File-2


Excel File-3


Excel File-4


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